Social Issue

It is clear that our current economic models are proving ineffective in addressing the needs of the majority, and that we must develop alternatives. Social entrepreneurship is a promising option, but it needs a credible and efficient impact measurement system to scale up globally and become a viable and thriving solution.

The Story

Melissa and Gabriel are the cofounders of Dare 2 Impact, an initiative that aims to develop a cost-effective and easy-to-use impact measurement tool. We follow them as they travel around the world and study ten social enterprises for a month each. The objective: to gauge the actual impact of these enterprises and equip social entrepreneurs to do more good.

As their work unfolds, Melissa and Gabriel are building new bridges across cultures

and more importantly, they are proving that social causes and businesses can work together for the greater good.


– Branded video web series

– Social media content

The Course


Social Issue

Getting young people from high-risk environments to change their perceptions of what they are able to accomplish. By developing self-esteem through running and showing that everyone can be successful, we want to enable youth to reach their full potential.

The Story

We follow the inspiring journey of three Montreal teenagers who are part of the initiative Etudiants dans la Course, an organization that trains 30 youths from high-risk environments each year. With the help of a volunteer mentor who will train and support them for a year, they will be inspired and prepared to meet a challenge that less than 0.2% of the population will complete in their lifetime: running a marathon.


Multiplatform story featuring:

– TV documentary

– Branded documentary web series

– Interactive platform with UGC and social media